Santham Exports, being one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of home furnishing fabrics and made-up products for last 3 decades was inspired and promoted bt late A. Ramasamy mudhaliar,(f/o R. Balusamy(founder & director of santham exports) who was a classical traditional handloom weaver. SANTHAM EXPORTS started as a supplier in 1995 and as the result of its consistency we leapt forward to export our own home furnishing made-up products and fabrics from the year 2004 to leading wholesale and retail clients around the globe. Over 30 years of experience and expertise made Santham Exports to hold its band name in the world market for its high standard quality and creative products.

We are well known noticed for our home furnished made-up products such as kitchen linen ,table linen and outdoor textile products. We develop our exclusive products using 100% cotton and also using various blends such as like jute, linen, viscose, acrylic and polyester as per client’s requirements.

Why us

We strive continuously in order to produce a over ruling design in a innovative fabrics using various blends in a competitive price in the global market. We educate our employees in regular intervals to manufacture a product which has no flaws in the end as we firmly believe in “ analize,refine,improve”. We strengthen our production efficiency through innovation and by using modern technology.


We use our own exclusive in-house design team to develop attractive design in various fabric textures and also we develop exclusive designs for every awaiting seasons to come. The main motivators for our or any designers is to read the clients mind with their mood board presentations and we proud to say that we excel in that.


As a manufacturer and exporter of home textile products we really do know its impact it makes to our environment so we do:

-  Handover our raw fabrics for the companies which use 100% eco- friendly dyes for painting and dying our raw fabrics and the water is reused after undergoing reverse osmosis process.

-  Also Santham exports firmly believes in” one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so we also produce made-up home furnishing products using recycled cotton yarn and we do give our fabric wastes to cotton recycling plants in order to recycle.

Our Global Presence

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