The longer textile products are used, the better it is for nature. This is why we aim to design and manufacture products that are durable, have great longevity and versatile, multifunctional purposes. We cooperate with talented top designers in developing our products.
We firmly believe true happiness relaying in saving others especially our upholding earth. So we try our best to move towards eco-friendly environment and impacting others too. We Santham exports are certified with SA 8000, ICS, GOTS, OKEO TEX 100 by STANDARD 100.
We manufacture most of our complete made-up products and fabrics by using 100% organic cotton, which reduces up to 94% of greenhouse gas emissions and reduces soil and water pollution completely as no harmful pesticides are used. By using organic cotton as raw metirial and natural eco-friendly dyes to dye the fabrics/yarn it thus increases the longevity of the product.

Also we move towards Zero waste production

We design most of our products to be made from fabric woven according to exact measurements. This leaves almost no waste. Some of the products result in leftover fabric which are given to cotton recycling plants for recycling. If there is leftover fabric still left, it will be recycled that used for cotton cushions and pillow fillings with the permission of our clients. This ensures that there are no large amounts of yarn left in storage.

We Are Responsible

We are completely responsible and accountable for our products’ quality and all of our employees.

Our factory completely comes below all factory safety measures and certified by Indian government and has certification of SA 8000, ICS, GOTS, and OKEO TEX 100. Ensuring safety measures and their factory rights to all of our employees inside the factory, which builds better relationships between the least employees to the direct workstation managers.

We use the best technology available ensuring our products are durable and of the highest quality. This is also important for health and safety reasons. We follow closely developments in this field and cooperate with machinery and equipment suppliers. These are all safe, long-lasting, easy for our staff to use and represent the best in the business in energy efficiency.

We Lead By Example

It is our responsibility to act transparently and lead by example by showing that textiles can be manufactured also responsibly.

Let’s weave a better future